What brings us to this

This log is about cruising in a small open boat along the Eastern Shore of Chesapeake Bay.

What paths and notions brought me to this? 

I discovered Howard Chapelle’s Chesapeake Bay Crabbing Skiffs and American Small Sailing Craft about 30 years ago. I built an 18-foot crabbing skiff with one of our sons, guided by Reuel Parker’s The Sharpie Book.

I feel a kinship with watermen who built their own sailing workboats before 1930. When I retired and turned to sailing for relaxation and renewal, I connected with the “voile-aviron” movement that’s popular in France and the UK. I’m drawn to sail and oar cruising in small open boats, especially of designs that are based on traditional sailing workboats. 

 I’d built three small craft and paddled the Eastern Shore but had never sailed solo until 2022. This log is about how I got started, and where and how I cruise sail+oar. 

Not monetized. Hoping to meet others who are brought to this.

I also write about traditional Eastern Shore sailing workboats here.